4 Scriptures to Read When You’re Dealing with Lack of Assurance

I laid in my bed, staring at the hair-line cracks in the ceiling, with these thoughts tumbling in my mind: am I really a Christian? Does God still love me? Am I a child of God or a false convert? Sleep was impossible, and the weight of fear and doubt laid heavy on my chest.

Have you found yourself in a similar place? Doubts and lack of assurance of your salvation churning in your heart, with fears of hell and condemnation shaking you to the bone?

When I lacked assurance, I wanted mentors, pastors, and friends to reassure me that I was saved. I wanted them to give me proof I was truly a child of God. I wanted them to point back to my life, to a time when I made a commitment of which they were positive couldn’t be false.

But people do not see your heart, and they do not see God’s book of life. They aren’t in the place to give you the assurance you desire. So, we must turn to God’s Word and seek the Holy Spirit to be truly assured. Here are four questions you may be asking yourself in the midst of your doubts and four Scriptures to take those questions to.

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