Christmastime Anxiety

Of all the Holidays, Christmas may present the best opportunity to be anxious. Frantically running from store-to-store (or clicking through online store to online store) to buy last-minute gifts you forgot about, throwing together colourful sweets for all the friend and family get-togethers, frequently checking your online banking to see how the budget is holding up, dinners with the not-so-friendly family members, stepping onto the bathroom scale each day to see if you have added any pounds from the Christmas treats, and wondering if anyone will like the gifts you bought.And we can’t forget the New Year resolutions that need to be set and the Bible reading plans that need to be chosen (and the ones that need to be finished) before January 1sst. These are a handful of the worries that circle my head as I pretend to stare peacefully at my Christmas tree. 

But what if this year, we silenced our fears? What if we chose to set our minds on something greater this Christmas than these worries and chose to meditate on the joy that has come to the world? As we do, let’s begin in a place maybeyou didn’t think of this Christmas—Philippians 2:1-11.

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