Learning to Celebrate With Others (When You Wish It Was You)

She got the promotion you were hoping to receive. She has the sweet daughter you always wanted, while you struggle to manage two boys. She got the award you were striving to win all year. She found the strong Christian husband you dreamed of while your ring finger remains bare. She has the gorgeous house by the water and beautiful kitchen, and you have to return to your half-renovated house.

I’ve been there. I’ve watched others stride into the circumstances that I so desperately wanted for myself. I’ve watched people receive the things I was sweating and grappling to earn. And I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t rejoice with them, but soaked in the bitter envy. Some of these people were my friends, and though part of me wanted to be happy for them and support them in this new endeavour, I was too ridden with jealousy and sadness to truly celebrate with them.

What about you? Have you sat in that seat before? If you have, I want to show you what God is teaching me about learning to put off jealousy with contentment and trusting him with my current season so that I can humbly celebrate with my friends.

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