Discipleship Is Not For the Prideful: 4 Ways Humility Helps Counsellors

After spending weeks, months, or years studying, we can become pretty confident that we know what we are talking about when it comes to that particular subject. We have invested sweat, tears, and many papercuts to know this information; we have earned that confidence. 

That’s how I felt after finishing the first two phases of ACBC certification. I had spent months listening to lectures, watching recorded counseling sessions, reading books, and writing exams. When it came time to begin my supervised counseling stage, I felt pretty confident that I not only knew what I was doing, but I could do it well.

Though I am only a few weeks into my supervised counseling for ACBC, I have already learned one major lesson on counseling and discipleship: It is not for the prideful heart. Discipleship and counseling require humility—a humility that we are not capable of on our own. When we are teaching and guiding others, we need humility that only comes from being submissive servants of Christ. 

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