Fighting Temptation as a Single Woman

Growing up in youth group I knew the “purity talk.” I had seen the object lessons. I read and participated in the Bible studies on Christian dating, remaining pure, and preparing myself for marriage. I knew that I should hold out for “the one” and keep myself pure for my future husband. I prayed for my future husband and wrote letters to him. I even kissed dating goodbye until God brought “the one” into my life.

I left each of those events with my head up (and my body modestly covered), thinking, “I am so well prepared—I will never succumb to the temptation of sexual sin.” And yet, I lost the battle for purity. Though I never fully “gave myself away,” I didn’t remain pure as I should. I was impure in my relationships and I was also impure in my thoughts.

Looking back as a married woman, I see where I went wrong. The motive I took going into the battle for purity was the same motive that lead me to sin: Selfishness. But even before that, my view of purity was wrong, and that hindered my battle as well.

Maybe you are like me and felt (or feel) totally equipped to fight temptation against sexual immorality. I encourage you to consider with me your definition of what true purity looks like, and to also consider what is truly motivating you in your battle against sexual sin.

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