Hope for When Sin Feels Unconquerable

Are you struggling with a sin today that feels unconquerable? Do you struggle with something that seems to never ease?

I know that struggle well. Nearly my entire life I have fought against anxiety and have never came to a place of being completely free. Maybe you don’t struggle with anxiety like I do, but you have a different struggle in mind. You know the hated feeling of failure that it washes over you each day. Maybe you all-too-easily burst into fits of anger. Maybe you struggle to put down the food even though you aren’t hungry anymore. Maybe you fight against people-pleasing on a daily basis. And though you so desire to change, you are studying God’s Word, and striving to be obedient to him in each step, this struggle never seems to end.

In this midst of this struggle, we can feel like failures as believers. We become ashamed to bring our struggle to God in prayer because we know we are going to fail yet again. Some days it may even feel like God has turned away from us and left us to struggle alone.

Friend, I know these feelings well. And I want to offer you hope in the midst of this struggle, reminding you of sanctification and the gospel.

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