No Longer Waiting: Hope for When the Battle Continues to Rage

We know those stories of victory and overcoming—those who finished the battle, won the reward, and experienced pure freedom from their previous oppressor. Those are the stories that are shared most often and are so well-known.

But those aren’t the only stories.

Sometimes, the battle continues on, even after all has been said and done. Some of us never find full relief from our battle against certain sins or problems. Though we have memorized the Bible verses, read the books, prayed each day, taken the advice, and obeyed God, we still continue to spill sweat and blood in our battle.

My battle against anxiety wages on. Anxiety carves a long scar that touches every area of my life. Now, at the age of twenty-one, a follower of Christ, married, a new mom, and a biblical counsellor in training, anxiety is still a present battle in my life.

I used to imagine the day I would be free from anxiety. I pictured myself encouraging others who battled by saying that they too, someday, could find healing and peace. I imagined writing a book about how I overcame anxiety and others could too. I pictured that triumphant day, swinging my legs over the side of my bed, and smiling into the new day, anxiety-free. Instead, I sit on my bed, twenty-one years old, still waging war with anxiety.

And yet, I know this is a story of hope.

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