In my counselling, I seek to fulfill 1 Thessalonians 5:14:

“We urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.”

This is more than a self-help program or quick fix advice. I do not believe in managing your problems so that you can continue to live in them. Rather, I want to offer a better hope. I offer Biblical Counselling.


Biblical Counselling

In Biblical Counselling, I focus on the heart issues. I do more than teach you to manage your symptoms—we work together towards biblical heart change.

Biblical Counselling is much different from psychiatry or regular counselling. Biblical Counselling is based on the Bible. I believe the Bible is authoritative and sufficient, and thus provides all that we need to live a godly life. That is why, as a Biblical Counselor, I am trained in Scripture and the principles of biblical counselling, rather than counselling according to man’s wisdom, opinions, experience, or concepts of behaviour. Biblical counselling strives to bring the full range of Biblical truth to focus on the counselee’s need (Hebrews 4:12).

For this reason, biblical counselling is not medical advice of any kind, nor is it psychiatric help. As a biblical counsellor, I use all of my skills to apply the Bible to your current struggle so that you can glorify God in your life. With Scripture, we seek to find victory in Christ over the struggles that keep you from loving, enjoying, and obeying God. Essentially, biblical counselling is discipleship; I strive to point you back to Christ, to make you a follower of him as you were created to be.

I believe that God, through the Holy Spirit and His Word, can and will bring lasting heart change and solutions to those who are truly His followers. Biblical counselling is not the source of change, but rather an instrument God can use in His followers’ lives in order to bring about the change he wants to make. Biblical counselling is empowered by the Holy Spirit—no change can happen without him. And how does he effect this change? Through the Bible. Biblical Counselling is completely centred around God’s Word because it is the only book that offers true life-giving answers.

Where does this change happen? The heart.

By heart, I mean your motives and desires. This is where your passions are fuelled, your appetites are created, and your will originates. Your heart is who you are—your immaterial self.

Why is the heart so important? Because if the heart is the source of your motives and desires, then it is the root cause for your actions. Why do you do what you do? Because you (your heart) tell yourself to do it. Our life, what we do and say and think, all begins in the heart (Proverbs 4:23). Therefore, in order to effect real change, we have to begin with the heart.


I offer Biblical Counselling to women who are ready to make biblical changes—starting with their own heart. I counsel a variety of issues, such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Time-management

  • Marriage

  • Decision-making

  • Pride

  • Social anxiety

  • Parenting

  • Stress / burnout

  • Lust

  • Overcoming specific sins

At this time, I only offer counselling to women. If you are seeking marriage counselling, I will gladly counsel husband and wife together, with both myself and my husband / a male pastor present. As for those who are younger than 16 years, I offer counselling with parental consent.

I do not offer drug/alcohol addiction counselling.

While counselling is currently limited to in-person counselling, you can find guidance concerning these topics and others on the blog or from the reading list.


Scheduling an Appointment

  1. Read this page in its entirety.

  2. Contact me about making an appointment.

  3. I will send you an email with the Counselee Packet. Download and complete it (either electronically or manually).

  4. Email / mail / drop off the Counselling Packet 24 hours prior to your appointment.

What to Expect

As said before, biblical counselling is much different from regular counselling. I am not a psychiatric practice or licensed counselling agency. I offer ACBC certified counselling. Therefore, please do not expect the following or anything similar to:

  • Medical guidance or diagnoses

  • Medical prescriptions or examinations

  • Psychological / psychiatric help

  • Behavioural or cognitive therapy

Biblical Counselling is discipleship or pastoral type counselling. I offer biblical guidance and advice from the Bible, God’s authoritative and living Word. Therefore all issues are addressed through a biblical worldview and perspective. (To learn more, read ACBC’s 95 These of Biblical Counselling).

Another important aspect of Biblical Counselling to expect is homework. Nearly every counselling session will be ended with a list of homework assignments to have finished for the following session. Homework may consist of memorizing Bible verses, journalling, reading a book or portion of it, or various writing/journaling exercises. The reason behind this practice is to establish a biblical mindset and to reinforce what was taught during the counselling session.

A counselee must understand is that the majority of their change will happen not in the counselling room, but the time outside when they are practicing it. Biblical counselling also emphasizes responsibility; I cannot force you to change, so you must be willing to put forth the time and effort.

Please bring a notebook and Bible to each session.

Cost & Hours

Most counselling sessions will be one hour at $40, at the exception of the first visit which may extend to 90 minutes for $60.

Counselling appointments will take place during weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Exception can be made for those who are unable to make an appointment during those hours due to their job or lack of childcare.

Payment for appointments must be paid beforehand or upon arrival, not after.

Counselling sessions will be held once a week, unless the counsellor and counselee see best to schedule otherwise.

There is presently no cancellation fee, however it is greatly appreciated if 24 hours notice is given prior to appointment if you are unable to attend.