My name is Lara d’Entremont—like Sarah with an “L.” I live in the small community at the tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve always lived in quaint communities, traveled dirt roads, and lived encased by trees by the water. Though a few years ago I would have told you I am on my way to becoming a well-educated city girl with her Master’s Degree and a fancy job, I did just the opposite. 

I married my first boyfriend when I was 19. After fiddling with university for a couple of years, we decided a degree wasn’t the best route for me at the time and I pursued ACBC Certification in Biblical Counselling. When I was 21, we joyfully (and intentionally) welcomed Levi into the world. 


In short, I am a domestic theologian. On an ordinary day you can find me writing, doing housework, studying, playing with my son, or doing a little bit of everything—watching a baby play on the floor while folding laundry and listening to a free seminary lecture. 

I began writing when I recognized my growing pride from the knowledge I was accumulating in my studies. “Knowledge makes arrogant, but love edifies,” (1 Corinthians 8:1 NASB). In order to love others with my knowledge and keep from becoming conceited, I write. Like God is teaching me to do, I hope to show women to love God with both their minds and hearts—having a robust knowledge of theology and God’s Word that changes them. With that said, I write essays on theology, Bible study, relationships, suffering, anxiety, depression, idols of the heart, and the like, along with the occasional book review.


If you want to stay updated on what I’m writing, I’d love to have you join Letters from Lara. Each month I send out an email to help me and you apply the gospel to our anxiety. You can expect resources, recommendations, a Bible lesson, and a verse to meditate on. I am on Instagram as well where I microblog and try to let my readers know when a new article is published.

I love receiving emails from readers like you! Always feel free to reach out to me and I will try my best to get back to you.

I don’t promise to have all the answers or to always get it perfectly right. But as God sanctifies me through my writing, I pray he uses it to encourage you as well in this pilgrimage of faith.