The Gospel Doesn’t Promise a Healed Mind

Every winter my hands become scaly and cracked. The dry, cold air pulls the moisture from my skin, along with my regular housework of washing dishes and diapers. And the frequent handwashing that comes with having a baby doesn’t help much either.

Every commercial or advertisement for hand moisturizers always sounds so promising. No more cracks, no more dry skin, no more itchiness, no more calluses, no more peeling… the list goes on. They all look so promising, but I’ve come to only trust one brand. But even with this one product, the moisturizer eventually wears away, and I am left with dry and cracked hands once again. 

The prosperity gospel also makes lots of promises.

There’s an idea preached in the evangelical world that boasts great promises of healing, as well: the prosperity gospel. It comes in many variations with a variety of promises, all of which eventually leave us dry and weary again. Perhaps you’ve heard this variation: Depression, anxiety, heartbreak—you are not bound to living that way. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Come to Jesus and find freedom. 

This is a false gospel.

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