When the Memories of Sin Remains

It takes us by surprise—the cringe-worthy memory of a past sin we wish we could forget. Maybe you were picking out clothing to wear the next day, packing a lunch, doing housework, watching TV, or playing with your children. One thought quickly connected to another, and suddenly a horrible memory was resurfaced. The pain, the regret, the shame, and disgusting feelings all returned as if you had just committed the sin again. The memories are so vivid you could shutter.

Each of us were sinners who hated God before he saved us, and we each still sin now even though we have new hearts. Like Paul, we will continue to battle sin until the day of redemption (Romans 7). Therefore, each of us will battle the memories of sin. Not one person can say they have no memory of sins they have committed. So what do we do with these memories that make us cringe? How do we face the memories in Christ?

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