The Real Reason to Remain Sexually Pure

The Real Reason to Remain Sexually Pure

Who is this message for?

Girls/women not yet married. You need to develop the proper motivation for staying pure. If your motivation and hope is set poorly, then you will have a much more difficult time staying pure. Not only that, your heart will not be in the right place before God.

Single women. Even if you are called to singleness, this message is for you. Though you may desire to be single, the temptation to sexual sin can arise. You need to have the right mindset and motivation to stay pure.

Women who will teach those girls. Honestly, I am tired of hearing and reading the message that girls need to stay pure for their future husbands. It’s not the right motivation and it totally leaves out the single women around us. It’s time we taught our girls what the Bible actually says about staying pure.

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