Allowing Your Theology to Shape You

Do you love theology? I do. I love to fill my head with knowledge, and the excitement of learning new information can be a tad overwhelming (in a good way). Maybe you’re a theology nerd like me. Reading is your favourite pastime, you download sermons to listen to in the car, and you spend hours with your nose in your Bible and commentaries striving to better understand the Scriptures. You do this until your eyes burn, your head hurt, and your hand are cramped. Then, once the learning is over, you close your books, turn off your sermons, set aside the Bible, and move on.

My dear sister who loves theology, I must ask: Has this knowledge and theology changed you yet? Has your abounding comprehensionfound its way to your heart so as to shape your life? Do the words you speak, the thoughts you think, the actions you commit represent the information in your mind?

I do not ask this by way of accusation. I do not ask this as a person who believes we do not need theology. Neither do I ask this to condemn you or prove a point. I ask this as a loving sister who has committed the same mistake in her quest to know more. Though I could point you to Scripture to prove the sovereignty of God, my days were spent with worry. Though I could explain the doctrines of atonement and justification, I was living in legalism. Though I could write about the perseverance of the saints, I doubted my salvation. My head was full of theology, yet my heart was burdened with sin, despair, and hopelessness. My theology and knowledge were not shaping me. 

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