How to Help Sufferers When You Don't Know What to Say

My heart ached as I read her message. Her precious, unborn baby had passed away in miscarriage. She was devastated. She was in despair. Her empty arms longed to hold her baby she would never meet.

I wanted to say something. I wanted to reply with words of grace and comfort, I wanted to take away her pain.

But I didn’t know what to say.

I had never experienced a miscarriage. In fact, I have a healthy baby growing in my womb. What could I say? How could I comfort her? I had no idea what her pain felt like, though I knew it must be grave.

Have you ever felt that heavy burden? A friend has just unloaded her suffering to you, and as you take it in you feel like a deer in the headlights. What do I say? How do I begin to bring truth to this hurt? Maybe you have offered words in the past and instantly regretted them. Or maybe you simply do not understand the pain they are feeling. Perhaps you have never dealt with the issue at hand and have no idea where to start.

Let’s turn to God’s Word and see how He guides us in times such as these.

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