When He’s Not the Spiritual Leader of Your Dreams

Have you ever read a Christian romance novel? The one with a misled girl who meets that perfect Christian guy who has it all figured out, and who from day one when they met was her spiritual guide closer in her relationship with God? They saved their first kiss for the altar, and when they got married they lived happily ever after—her husband leading her spiritually for the rest of their lives. How romantic, right?

Maybe you aren’t the fiction loving type and decided to get your marriage advice from a Christian marriage book. There you read about the spiritual headship of the husband and how he is supposed to lead you, and you are meant to submit to him. In the church today, you probably didn’t even have to read one of those books to hear the term spiritual leadership tossed around. We hear the plea, “I just want to find a man who will lead me spiritually,” or, “I’m so sick of my husband not taking up his role of leading me spiritually.” 

Perhaps you share that plea. Maybe the man you married hasn’t turned out to be the spiritual leader of your dreams. If so, there are two temptations I’d like to encourage you to guard yourself from: Taking up your chisels to carve your husbands into an idol, or carving yourself into an idol for him. 

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