Why I Journal My Prayers

With the early morning sunlight shining on my desk, I sat in my office chair with my head propped up in my hands as I attempted to pray. Each morning I mumbled a quick prayer between moments of drifting off to sleep. My prayers blurred and meshed together until it became the same mumbled list each day. I didn’t like that it was this way, but pregnancy had left me sleepless and nauseous with morning sickness, making my thoughts cloudy and unfocused. 

You don’t have to be a mom to relate to any of these feelings and experiences when it comes to prayer. I still struggle with them to varying degrees. The scattered thoughts, repetitive prayers, forgetfulness, lack of diversity—it happens to all of us, not just moms. 

Rather than continuing to stumble my way through the same prayer each morning, I found a journal and started writing my prayers. At first, it felt awkward, almost forced, but soon it became my new rhythm. Maybe this is a practice you could take up, too. Though it may feel strange at first, doing so might grow you in ways you never expected through diversifying your prayers, focusing your mind, and preaching the truth to your own heart.

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