When Anxiety is Isolating

“How are you today?”

I looked up from my folded hands. It was meet-and-greet time at church, and I hadn’t left my pew. “I’m great! How are you?” Meanwhile, my mind filed through all the worries that had piled up that week. 

I was going through a season of battling worry and anxiety. Though I knew God was trustworthy, for many days I still fought to trust him. I knew such lack of trust was sin, because the Bible calls me to trust God and not to worry (Philippians 4:6-7 rang through my mind daily). But the battle raged each day. 

My fear of others finding out about my battle was crushing. I didn’t want anyone to know how deep in the trenches I was and how difficult the battle had become. 

These fears led me into my own exile. I didn’t dare to have long conversations with friends because my anxiety might come up. I didn’t want to be at church because people were always asking how I was doing. Maybe you are struggling in the same way and wondering, How do I battle raging fears that lead me into isolation?

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