Hope for When No One Understands

I bent over the kitchen counter and put my wet face into my hands. It was one of those days. A restless night, pregnancy hormones raging, wood stove not cooperating, newly cooked food ruined, back aching, and things falling repetitively. I felt like a fraying cord that finally snapped.

I called my husband and sobbed into the phone. “Everything is going to pieces here, my body is so sore, I’m hungry, and no one understands me!”

“It’s okay, dear,” he insisted. “I do understand—”

“No, you don’t!” I roared. “No one understands all that I’m going through!”

“Okay. I’m sorry, dear. I wish I could make you feel better. Why don’t you take it easy this morning and just relax.”

“Fine.” I hung up the phone and retreated to the couch to mope and sulk.

When we are in the midst of something very personal and specific, we can feel isolated by our pain as we look around and think, “There’s no one who could ever fathom all that I am going through.”

In the midst of your loneliness, I want to offer you the hope God has shown me in first Christ, and also his church.

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