Women, We Can Be Theologians

The Proverbs 31 woman has held the highest regard of all women. When we think of her, we remember her noble works. She works hard, does good, provides for her family, uses money wisely, helps the poor, and stands with strength. Men hope to one day find her. Us women, however, often live in a love-hate relationship with her—we envy her perfection and wish we had the means and time to do all that she did.

In my striving to be godly woman and wife (and future mother) I become discouraged with this woman. How does she do all that she does? I try to fulfill my to-do list with the same activities as her: teaching, service, housework, cooking, jobs, and loving my husband, all the while forcing myself to have a blessed attitude about everything. In the midst, studying theology and reading my Bible are at the bottom of my to-do list.

 In such a pursuit, I forget that the foundations for such a woman is not works, but theology. A woman who is a theologian first can in turn do the good works, teach with wisdom, discern truth, smile at the future, and fear God. Each of these aspects that make up her godly beauty begin with a firm knowledge of the truth.

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