When You Have Made Your Husband Into An Idol

Back in Junior High, I remember one of my friends making the bold statement that she never wanted to get married. Being one of the girls who always dreamed of Prince Charming, I couldn’t help but scrunch my nose up and ask, “Why?” She answered, “Statistically, women outlive their husbands. I don’t want to face that.” Sensing the confused and concerned stares on our faces, she quickly added, “Also, I just want to travel by myself wherever I want when I grow up.” That was proceeded by laughter and a conversation about future dream vacations.

That conversation stuck with me, even as I married my own Prince Charming. I don’t like to think about that particular statistic. I also don’t want to think of a day without my husband as I can’t fathom a future without him. While the death of a loved one is difficult for even the most mature Christ-follower, such a response in my own heart has provoked me to examine myself and see if I have made an idol out of my husband. Do I seek relief and fulfillment from God or my husband? Where do I run in times of need? What ultimately comforts my soul in difficult times—the return of my husband after work or my Perfect Father above? If all I had left was Christ, would He be enough?

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