How to Confront Sin in a Fellow Believer

You are sitting across from a good friend with a cup of coffee as you catch up on each other’s lives. You have been friends for years and are sisters in Christ. You have shared much of your lives together.

As you chat, your grip suddenly becomes tighter around your cup. You start chewing on your tongue as she begins to tell you something you know does not line up with Scripture. Maybe it’s a false teaching she is studying and enjoying. Maybe it’s a sin she is taking lightly. Maybe it’s a heretic she is following. Maybe it’s an unbiblical practice she’s embracing. Your heart is pounding, the Bible verses are flooding your mind, but instead of speaking you take a long sip of coffee and nod along.

Can you recount a similar story? Can you remember the fear that gripped you and the words that never left your tongue? The truth you wanted to speak but didn’t know how to say? I know I have (many times) and I’ve mulled those moments over and over again. God is teaching me that in those moments I need to love my friends more than I fear them, and that I need to learn how to speak truth with gentleness and with the power of Scripture.

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