What To Do With Your Shame

I sighed, staring at the mess that had accumulated upstairs. We are in the midst of renovations, and there are unpacked boxes that we have nowhere to put. I said I was annoyed with the mess, but I was actually ashamed—ashamed when people asked to see upstairs or see our renovations, ashamed when people asked how we had progressed, and ashamed that the mess found its way downstairs. 

I complained to my husband, “Once the renovations are finished up here, then I won’t be ashamed anymore. I’ll finally be able to take pride in our home.”

He looked at me with his kind, brown eyes. “I don’t think pride is the answer, honey. Yes, the upstairs will be done, but then what? Then will you be ashamed of the kitchen and dining room, because they haven’t been renovated? And what about the porches? Then what about the car? Pride is never the answer. Pride is sinful. As believers, we are called to thanksgiving.”

Maybe you’re not ashamed of your house. Maybe you’re ashamed of your body, your finances, your job, or your past. Whatever it may be, I want to warn you of the trap of pride that I fell into, point you back to Christ, and encourage you to find contentment in him. 

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