God is Faithful

Heartbreak. Betrayal. Back-stabbed. Slandered. Disowned. Ignored. Forgotten. Left behind. Cheated. Misused. We all know the unfaithfulness of people in some form. Maybe it was a friend who talked behind your back. Maybe it was a boyfriend or husband who kissed another woman. Maybe it was a parent who abandoned you, or who was never present in the first place. Unfaithfulness, no matter how it is given, is painful. Sadly, even the people who love us the most and desire to be faithful to us will at some point fail in this aspiration. They may break a promise, forget us, or say a cruel word. 

As well as we know the sting of the unfaithfulness of others to us, we also know of our own unfaithfulness. Hurtful words we have spoken to others we were supposed to love. Promises we made that we never fulfilled. Times when we were supposed to stand strong to hold another up but ran away and let them fall. Just as others have left their marks of unfaithfulness on us, we have likewise left our own wounds of unfaithfulness. 

Who can be trusted? Can we rely on anyone? If even those who love us most will still be unfaithful due to their sin, and we ourselves cannot be trusted because of our sin, is there anyone who we can look to that will be steadfast?

Praise be to God, who is forever faithful. 

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