When He's Not the Spirit Leader You Expected

That day at the altar, he stood tall and handsome, a smile lighting up his entire face. As you stepped up to the altar and took his hand, every dream of marriage flashed before your eyes: The couple’s Bible studies at the dining room table with coffee in hand, the late-night theology discussions, love notes and reminders stuck on your bathroom mirror, and being able to come to him with anything knowing he’ll respond with wisdom and love.

Maybe that’s the reality during the honeymoon, and even for a time afterward. Until one day he loses his temper and you have an argument. And his job forces him to leave before you can study the Bible together. And he’d rather scroll through his phone than discuss theology with you. And you never do receive those cute notes you wished for.

As our expectations and dreams are slowly torn to bits and tossed to the wind, we can feel discouraged, angry, hopeless, bitter, and heartbroken. What do we do with these feelings? How do we bring back that love we had at the altar?

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