Don't Waste Your Season of Waiting

I am not a naturally patient person. When I am waiting for an email, I refresh my mail app multiple times in one hour. When I am looking forward to a day, I count down both the days and hours. When one renovation in our house is finished, I am already looking forward to the next one. When children ask to help me with a task, I put on a smile, but inwardly I’m groaning thinking about how much longer the task is now going to take.

In seasons of waiting, I’m just as impatient. Waiting to find a boyfriend, waiting to be married, waiting to have children, waiting for morning sickness to end… I always kept my eyes focused on the end while wishing “fast forward” was a real-life option.

While waiting for the next book to come out in one of my favorite book series (which was over six months away) I said to my aunt, “I just want it to be May already so I can read that book!” She laughed and replied, “I can! I don’t want to wish that much of my life away!”

Those words ring as a reminder in my seasons of waiting. When I focus on the end of my waiting, I miss the time in between. In my impatience, I often waste the season of waiting.

Today, I want to learn to wait well by cultivating eyes to see God at work, hands ready for obedience, and a heart that is willing to learn. Will you join me?

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