A Whole Woman of Faith: The Need for Doctrine and Deeds

They appear to stand opposed, at opposite sides, bearing swords ready to fight: theology and good deeds. Some will argue theology only separates, so we only need to love others more. Some will argue theology is necessary and more important than good deeds.

I’ve stood at both ends of the spectrum. I was the girl who wanted to move across seas, give up everything and become a missionary to the lost. Though I had a passion for mission work, I had a twisted view of the Gospel—which made me one of the lost to be reached. Once I became a believer and gained a proper view of grace, I secluded myself to my desk studying theology and devoted hours to my Bible and sermons—at the neglect of serving the God I claimed to now worship.

Friend, I have learned it is not a question of, “Is theology or good deeds more important?”, but rather, “Are you cultivating both?”

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