What's Wrong with Self-Condemnation?

It’s been a hard day. You’re finally sitting down on the couch; the lights are dimmed and the curtains are shut for the night. Everything has stilled; and though the house is quiet, it’s not peaceful. As you hug your cup of lukewarm coffee to your chest, the voices begin to speak.

Do you remember what you said today to your husband? In front of your children? What kind of wife are you?

Look at that dust on the coffee table. You are such a poor housewife. 

Did you hear what your daughter said today? Who do you think she got that from? Probably you and your terrible example.

Did you smell supper tonight? What a mess that was! Sure, they ate it, but only because they were terrified to do otherwise.

You take a slow sip of your coffee and close your eyes to hide the tears that threaten to slide down your cheeks. You already prayed about each of these today, asking for God’s forgiveness, but that doesn’t silence the voices. A heavy sadness lays on your chest; the sense of guilt remains.

And so you listen to condemnation the rest of the night, even as you rest your head on your pillow, until you fall asleep.

How do I know this story so well? Because I’ve lived it. If this is your story as well, I want to help you find joy again, and freedom from this self-condemnation. But first, we need to understand why it’s wrong. 

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