The Calling of Motherhood for the Worrisome Mother

In the days of pregnancy and early weeks of motherhood, my heart struggled to reconcile two ideas—my love for my child and trusting God with him. 

 Being a mom is a constant striving to trust God with my fragile child, and it’s a twofold lesson: Motherhood is a tandem walk with trust and obedience.

Worry is a desperate grasping for control. I can say this because I battled anxiety most of my life and it comes from a heart seeking to control. 

In motherhood, there are many things I want control of. I want to control my child’s health and safety. I want to control their future happiness. I want to control their behavior. I want to control their salvation and ensure that they become believers. These are a few of the many things I vainly grapple to control.

Notice I said vainly. I can control none of these aspects of my child’s life. I can’t guarantee a healthy, happy life of good behavior and conversion to Christianity. I don’t have that kind of power or sovereignty. But God does. With these aspects of my child’s life, I need to stop exhausting myself with vain grappling. I can reach and grab for control of these things, but I will never succeed. And often times it’s this vain endeavor that keeps me from the obedience God calls me to instead. 

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